About us

Beautiful surroundings
The farm is surrounded by the tulip fields which are magnificent in the Springtime. The best way to visit the tulip fields is by bicycle. The special Flower Days are from 27th of April until 1st of May.

The farm lies 10 kilometers from the town of Schagen which has a West Friesland market every Thursday during the Summer season including parades, antique farmwagons, carriages and locals dressed in West Friesland costume. There is also the Vreeburg Farm Museum which is housed in a 17th Century farmhouse.

Fifteen kilometers from the farm is the naval base and town of Den Helder where you can visit the Marine Museum including a submarine, the Dorus Rijkers Rescue Museum and Fort Kijkduin which has the largest sea aquarium in Europe. Den Helder hosts the National Flotilla Day each June.

Of course there is lots more to do too. We are only 7 kilometers away from the sandy beaches of Groote Keeten and 7 kilometers from the seaside town of Callantsoog with its many terraces and its nature reserve Zwanenwater. We are also very close to the dyke and dune bicycle route and those fond of sportfishing can do so either in the North Sea or on the North Holland Canal which is adjacent to the camping site.



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